When my partner left Alice Springs and moved to the central coast not only did I loose a home, I found myself commuting to see my child as often as I could afford with ZERO absolute ZERO recognition from the Government or Child support system for Dads who have their kids taken interstate and the crushing extra costs of accessing our kids.

And as a Dad who regularly travels from Alice Springs to NSW to see his Child to be slapped with an extra $17 each way for catching the Train from the Airport to Central Station is extremely unfair

A trip across to see my 12 year old son with flights is around $1000, I also pay $1550 in Child support each month, with that I'm looking at $2550 just to see my kid each month, and the Government TAXES me on that

Look this Airport Train Tax.. it's only a bit extra on the trip, though it is kicking me when I am down and really it is certainly crystal clear Price Gouging, it takes advantage of people and is simply terribly unfair.

How the transport Minister can fail to see that? well Frankly Sir, you are an Ignoramus

I hope the decision makers in the chain of this criminal extortion can sleep well at night

Thanks NSW Government

Thanks Opal

Thanks Sydney Trains ... Good on you